Letter 1


Reason I am here was to write what I would have preferred to had told you in here instead because I know you would never be here to actually read them. (I bet even if i had given you this blog link, you wouldn’t had come and read it anyway.)

Really resented how you treated me on NYE just 4 days ago. We went through all the thick and thin together. I stuck with you for 9 years even though you had severe panic attacks which restricted you from many things. I was tired in various points in the relationship but never once gave up on you. You gave up on me at the slightest opportunity which was presented to you. To make things worst than it already is, you made sure that we broke up in the worst way possible. Communicating through a friend. You wouldn’t even message me YOURSELF. That is the way you decided to treat me after 9 years of constant care and love I’ve always given you. You’ve decided that this was the way to break the news. I am so disappointed in you. I know that you might be scared and wanted to run away from all these. The least you could do was to message me and we settle everything amicably. You could have. But you wouldn’t.

There are many questions I wanted to ask you. Perhaps I would write them in another letter next time when I feel the need to write a letter to you again. You’ve really disappointed me my dear. What I hated about is, even as you did this, my love for you still did not seemed to lessen. Just writing this just so you know how i felt on NYE. Will write again to you next time.





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