Letter 3


It’s me again. Had a relatively bad day today. Went to YCK office today to settle some code stuff. After that cabbed down to Buona Vista client side to do my work. Entered their workroom where my mobile phone must be surrendered before I am able to enter. The anxiety attack came at the wrong time I couldn’t access any help. I tried so hard to curb down and focus but I failed. End up I was like a useless worker there doing absolutely nothing while my team lead criticized me. I 100 percent agreed to his criticisms. He didn’t know I was having my anxiety thing though and I don’t plan to tell him either. It was a really bad day.

In a typical bad day like this, I would text you to tell you how bad a day I was having. You would try to cheer me up with all your messages. Today, as I left the workroom at the end of the day, I realized I no longer have anyone to share this frustration with. No one to cheer me up with her messages. I really miss you at this very moment. 11 day has passed since NYE. The feeling is still as strong. I often encourage myself to stand strong. Upgrade myself and show you the new me. However, days like this really demoralized me so much that I can only pen this letter down in a hope this might reach you in your dreams tonight.

To be honest I started this letter only to tell you how I missed you. So no questions for today. Hope you are doing well. I really miss you, bee…




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