Dreams: Weird Cyborg

Just had the most peculiar dream. I have been dreaming of her since everything started and they usually wakes me in the middle of the night. Usually they don’t stay in my memory when I woke up. Somehow, this particular one did.

First I shall name my previous ex as Mae. So the dream started that I was in some cafe with Mae. Somehow we were talking about my current ex and how she got a new boyfriend. We then quickly realized that my ex’s new boyfriend was actually Mae’s ex boyfriend. So I asked Mae about how was he like. Was he a nice guy etc…

Funny thing is at this moment, my ex turned up with a series of comic books on her hands. I believe they are comic books of herself. Then suddenly her new boyfriend turned up and he turned out to be a cyborg. It’s something like he was manipulating my ex on some stuffs. So we defeated him and my ex was very grateful for everyone’s help. So she treated everyone to some cheese meal. Then I woke up.

Pity I did not get to find out whether she came back to me. :/


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