Letter 4


It’s me again. Today suddenly felt like writing you a letter to update you how I am. Nowadays I’m pretty busy at work due to some problem deploying my application. Everyday I’m pretty drained. Whenever I feel drained, I will think of you again. Maybe because I’ve always messaged you and complain about my work. You would cheer me up even though you might be busy yourself. Maybe it’s because I am really too tired. That is why my feeling did not drop as much as it would otherwise had.

Last Saturday though, the feeling become so overwhelming that I went into the toilet for a shower and just cried. Bee, I really miss you so much. I’ve promised myself not to contact you unless absolutely needed or you’ve contacted me first. To be honest, like every person going through a breakup, you would wonder what the other party is thinking. Would you be thinking about me at any point of the day? Or did you really threw away all the 9 years of memories like it wasn’t there?

Yes, I resent you. When bee needed me to support you through different phases of your life, I’ve stand resolute and never thought of leaving you. However, you chose to leave me like this. There are some stuffs I will not write today. Really miss you.




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